Let’s See If You Qualify For ERC?

Did you employ any W2 workers in 2020 or 2021?

When did your business begin operations?

Did your business have a Covid-19 event that effected operations in 2020?

A Covid-19 event is defined as the following: “An employer whose ¬†trade or business operations are fully or partially suspended¬†during a calendar quarter due to a governmental order.”

Here are a few examples of events that could qualify you:

– Retailers or restaurants had to close or limit on-site or indoor access due to restrictions.
– In-person meetings were canceled due to indoor restrictions.
– Operating hours were reduced due to restrictions.
– Production timelines were delayed due to supply chain issues.

Have any quarters in 2021 had a 20% (or more) reduction in revenue compared to the same quarter in 2019? (Check any/all that apply)

What was your average number of full-time employees in 2020?

What was your average number of full-time employees in 2021?

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